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Zemanta is the world’s first multi-channel demand-side platform built for post-click behavior optimization.

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Zemanta is built entirely around the idea of helping advertisers generate engagement – whether visits, views, leads, or conversions – all from their programmatic advertising campaigns.

We exist to fundamentally improve the overall online advertising experience in ways that make consumers truly want to interact with advertising.

What We Do

Zemanta helps advertisers break through the fundamentally-flawed reach and frequency metrics by determining which placements and creatives lead to the right users engaging with their ads and websites.

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This unique approach offers advertisers the opportunity to capture true consumer engagement and return on ad spend.

Through advanced AI and automation, Zemanta One empowers brands and agencies to buy advertising that is optimized for post-click engagement, making the most of every advertising dollar spent across display, video and native placements on the web.

What Sets Us Apart

We incorporate your web analytics data into Zemanta’s platform, its automated campaign management and bidder. Unlike other DSPs, we offer seamless Google Analytics and Adobe integration.

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Zemanta allows you to bid using goals like Cost per Minute on Site (Time on Site).

Zemanta was originally built on a foundation of context and semantics – not cookies and audience targeting. So, Zemanta can target audiences and impressions like other DSPs, but as the world moves away from those approaches we are positioned to help advertisers survive and thrive. Zemanta’s unique background in semantic analysis and approach to bidding & optimizing campaigns provides for an even bigger advantage for advertisers leveraging our platform.

Programmatic Ad Technology Built for Engagement

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Go Beyond the CPM


Zemanta’s self-serve programmatic advertising management platform – Zemanta One – is a straightforward yet powerful answer to the complexity of today’s digital media buying. It allows brands and agencies to centralize all their digital media buying and adapt their creatives from one single platform across native, video and display on multiple devices.

Zemanta One offers some of the most advanced features in the industry to empower you and your teams to deliver successful end-to-end programmatic campaigns.

Our advanced AI and automation features accurately predict your CTR to minimize CPC, enabling you to acquire traffic in the most cost-effective way possible.


Avg. CTR

$ 0.14

Avg. CPC

$ 0.49

Avg. CPM

50 billion

Daily Auctions

Reach. Engage. Convert.



Leverage the power of Native Advertising with a targeted, non-interruptive and highly engaging ad experience across more than 50 native ad exchanges.


Add a performance layer to your Display strategy by going beyond reach and frequency. Get your Display ads in front of engaged customers ready to take action.


Maximize awareness and strengthen your brand identity by reaching attentive and qualified customers with eye-catching and immersive Video ads.

Access the World’s Most Premium Publishers & SSPs

Supply Partners

With direct access to 50+ native, video and display networks across all devices, Zemanta offers unparalleled scale on the world’s most premium publishers and SSPs.

What our customers say about us

Our loyal customers

“I am continually impressed with Zemanta as they listen to users’ needs and regularly add intuitive, useful features to the platform. This helps my team save time running effective campaigns that yield results. Zemanta One is one of the top performance-oriented programmatic platforms to be highly considered!”

Sankara Narayanan · Operations Manager, KBR Digital NZ

“Zemanta One is just a great platform. The bidding algorithm is extremely good. As we do not need to manually bid, it cuts down a lot of time. I don’t know any other platform like this out there.”

Billy Clarke · System1, a global marketing research and effectiveness company

“Zemanta is constantly improving the platform and every new feature makes it so much easier to optimize our campaigns daily. From the Creative library to the Zemanta pixel helper plugin, the power to strengthen our campaign performance is at our fingertips. The tools and the awesome people behind the platform take the guesswork out of ad buying.”

Michael Brenner · Marketing Insider Group

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