Unmatched Consumer Engagement through Quality Omnichannel Advertising

Zemanta helps marketers reach audiences who are ready to engage and pay attention to their message based on post-click engagement data, targeting and automation. This unique approach offers advertisers the opportunity to capture true consumer engagement and return on ad spend across all channels and formats.

Native Advertising

Leverage the power of Native Advertising with a targeted, non-interruptive and highly-engaging ad experience.

Immerse your brand within premium publishers to engage with the right audience at the right time and within the right context. Our native formats integrate into trusted environments to deliver a non-intrusive experience that puts consumer engagement at the center of programmatic ad buying.

Display Advertising

Achieve performance branding goals with Display by going beyond the CPM.

Because Display is no longer just about branding but also performance, Zemanta allows you to run Display ads in a trusted environment that can be easily measured using the same KPIs you rely on for Native.

Video Advertising

Experience the difference native video brings: relevant & engaged audience, at Scale.

Native video advertising creates a superior user experience which results in higher ad engagement. Native video is specific to each publisher and blends seamlessly with the rest of the content on the page. Zemanta’s bid optimization technology finds the best audience across a large and premium inventory to empower your brand stories.