From people who believed they could, so they did.

From start-up to one of the most renowned DSPs in the industry, we owe our success to passionate people.

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Our team

Our story starts in 2007 when we built one of the first web-based personal assistants in the blogosphere, the first native advertising unit for online publishing and the first, what is now called, “native exchange”. In 2014, we built and launched the first native DSP. The rest is history – history in the making.

Together with Outbrain!

Big brother

In 2017, we joined forces with Outbrain, the world’s leading native advertising platform on the open web. Together, we are strengthening our position as leaders in the new marketing era, following our mission to help anybody discover great content, products and services.

From our CEO


By understanding how, what, when and where content is being consumed, we know how to find your perfect customer across screens and connect native advertising into one global programmatic marketplace.

We do so thanks to our best asset – highly talented, professional, hard-working and results-driven individuals with roots in dynamic start-up culture.

They are what makes us unique and what drives our company above and beyond our competitors. And I am proud to be their CEO.

Sincerely, Todd Sawicki

Meet the Zemantians

Our team

Todd Sawicki

Boštjan Špetič

Andraž Tori

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Luka Androjna

Štefan Baebler

Lars Kuhnt

Susana Bargiela

Florjan Bartol

Isabel Becker

Barbara Bizjak

Aljaž Blažej

Stela Braje

Marko Čelan

Robert Dovžan

Miha Eleršič

Peter Fajdiga

Taja Japelj

Nejc Gašper

Jure Ham

Urška Herbst

David Kaplan

Sara Platiše

Quentin Lasalle

Davorin Kopič

Marjanca Martinuč

Tilen Kusterle

Zala Kurinčič

Jerneja Lovenjak

Christian Marchan

Gussa Haile Hambisa

Matic Žgur

Tadej Pavlič

Simon Pekolj

Anej Placer

Blaž Reš

Roser Romera

Nejc Saje

Žiga Stopinšek

Katarina Stupica

Gašper Šetinc

Luka Šilovinac

Matjaž Šuber

Denis Tepeš

Matija Vižintin

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