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Macif Drives 46% Greater Engagement with Zemanta








Macif is a French mutual insurance company that manages and protects the policies of its 5.5 million members when it comes to life, family, and property. Looking to drive quality traffic to its website, Macif sought an advertising platform that could re-engage its target audiences by promoting various pieces of content about the brand’s services and benefits.

Based on the recommendation of the Neo Media World agency, Macif partnered with Zemanta, the world‘s first DSP specifically built for post-click engagement. By leveraging Zemanta, Macif was able to combine the efficiency of programmatic buying with the effectiveness of native advertising for optimized performance.


A main performance-driven appeal for Macif was Zemanta’s direct integration with Google Analytics. In just a few clicks, a user can connect the two platforms, allowing them to optimize their campaigns according to site-centric GA data (CPV, time spent, bounce rate, conversions, etc.) within one single interface.

Tracking campaign performance is thereby greatly simplified, saves precious time, and provides multiple possibilities for optimization:


  • Autopilot mode: automatic bid optimization based on sites, formats, creative elements, purchase price, performance indicators, and more
  • Budget optimization: automatic distribution of your budget between “ad groups” in order to reach your campaign objectives
  • Placement targeting: optimization based on the best-performing placements


Zemanta‘s ability to reach engaged audiences, based on unique post-click engagement data, targeting and automation, enabled Macif to exceed its objectives.

Thanks to Zemanta’s technology, we’ve been able to improve our performance (increased number of visits, better time spent, lower bounce rate). The direct connection to Google Analytics is valuable, and allows us to save time on a daily basis. Based on the results, Zemanta is going to be a key player in our media plan
moving forward.

Laura Métayer, Senior Display Strategist, Neo Media World

site visits via Zemanta


average time spent on site


average bounce rate

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