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How Cabify Increased App Downloads by 50% with Zemanta




Awareness, App Downloads, Purchase of First Trip


Budget Optimization, Mobile
Targeting, Geo Targeting


Cabify is a mobility technology platform that connects private users and companies with various forms of transportation. It has created a model of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) especially adapted to cities in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal with the objective of improving living conditions. Cabify seeks to reduce street congestion by providing an alternative to private cars, offering a safer and more efficient mobility alternative with its technology. Founded in 2011 in Madrid, Cabify rapidly expanded through Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Cabify stands out by employing local talent, and generating high-value jobs in an industry transformed by technology and i nnovation.

By leveraging Zemanta, the first DSP specifically built for Native Advertising, Cabify was able to combine the efficiency of programmatic purchasing with the effectiveness of Native Advertising to generate unparalleled performance.


Cabify set a 2-step conversion goal for their campaign: App Download and First Trip Taken. By working with Zemanta, Cabify was able to run a programmatic campaign and still optimise towards delivering measurable business outcomes. The campaign was built on two sets of targeting criteria: Geo and Device Targeting. Geo targeting was set to regions and cities where Cabify wanted to grow their user base and establish their brand. Device targeting was split between Zemanta’s placement targeting (mobile in-app vs mobile website).


Zemanta‘s DNA is performance and that allows brands such as Cabify to pilot campaigns according to post-click indicators (Past Time, Bounce Rate, Lead Generation, CPA, etc.) via Zemanta’s unique feature of First Party Analytics integration. Zemanta outperformed the campaign’s CPC goals thus delivering a CPC that was 3.7% lower than the initial website traffic goal. Ultimately, Zemanta increased the number of app downloads by 50% month over month.

Optimisations Tactics

Optimisation features leveraged for the campaign’s performance include:


  • CPA Optimisation – allocates more budget to publishers driving best conversion rates
  • Budget Optimisation – automatically distributes budget to ad groups driving the most impact for your business
  • Placement Targeting – targets either mobile website or in-app traffic
  • Publisher Blacklisting – eliminates publisher sites that aren’t reaching client’s campaign goal
  • Bid modifiers – manually sets higher or lower bids on a specific or publisher site

Native advertising represents the second highest source of downloads for our Outreach & Awareness Campaign, and is the cheapest and most efficient in terms of CPE. To date, native has been our most efficient channel! Working with an innovative advertising partner such as Zemanta suits our goals. We especially value the transparency that allows us to whitelist or blacklist SSPs and publishers, and also the possibility of betting for specific publishers. Our main objective is to get a relevant position on local premium sites at an efficient cost.

Paula Aranegui, Digital Marketing Coordinator Spain & Portugal, Cabify



Lower CPC than initial website traffic goal


Increase in App Downloads

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