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Zemanta Named 2021 Programmatic Power Player by AdExchanger

Zemanta takes a well-deserved place on the prestige list of 2021 Programmatic Power Players, recognized as a fast-growing ad technology business and one of the top strategic partners in the media and advertising industry, especially for Programmatic Strategy and...

The Future of Digital Advertising in the Cookieless World

What is cookieless advertising? Cookie rejection occurs when browsers either block a cookie or delete it after it has been placed. This hurts advertisers who rely on cookies for targeting and measurement. Without cookies, their path to conversion is obscured, which...

Programmatic Advertising Trends 2021: What to Watch For?

Looking back at 2020, the words "unexpected" and "unpredictable" come to mind – and no less for marketers! The world turned more digital this year than ever before, and that has created definite challenges and opportunities. For those of us in the programmatic space,...

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Client Case Study

Macif Drives 46%
Greater Engagement
with Zemanta


Client Case Study

Cabify Increases App Downloads by 50% with Zemanta

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Client Case Study

Zemanta reaches
highest user retention
for Verizon Media

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