Product Releases

We’re always striving to meet our user’s needs, by launching numerous innovative product features and updates shaped by your feedback and our knowledge. Below, we share with you some of our Zemanta One platform information, together with helpful resources highlighting our updates and releases to help you superpower your programmatic advertising strategies.

The new Creatives review system

We’re happy to let you know that we have a new Creatives review process in Zemanta One (Z1)!

You will find it all over your Zemanta One dashboard: 

  • within the Creative Library grid, 
  • in the Creatives detailed view, 
  • on all the levels of the Creatives dimension, 
  • on the ad group level, and 
  • within the ad picker when adding creatives to the ad group.

​Thanks to the new Creatives review system, all the creatives are submitted to be reviewed immediately after being uploaded to the library, which will allow you to prepare for campaign flights in advance.

You can find more information about the Creatives review process on our Help page.

New media source release: Verizon Media!

A new media source, Verizon Media, has been added to our 40+ media partners list. 

You can buy Verizon Media inventory through Zemanta One and run your ads on premium publishers such as Yahoo, AOL, and Techcrunch and premium partners such as MSN, Hearst Newspapers, Buzzfeed, Gannett, and many more.

This media source supports our unique native to display functionality, so you can have your native ads served within Verizon Media display placements.If you are a Z1 user, you can take a closer look at their inventory here.

New Creatives management system: Creative Library

After a 2-month test period, we have given all the Zemanta One (Z1) users access to our new Creatives management system called Creative Library! 

It enables you to upload creatives just once and then use them across all of your campaigns and ad groups.

The new Creatives management is completely replacing the old system with better workflows when adding, editing, exporting, and using your creatives. You can find the instructions on how to use Creative Library here.

Real-time data is available in Zemanta One

We’re excited to let you know that we now have Real-time data mode in the Zemanta One dashboard. 

Real-time data gives you the ability to immediately and continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns and ad groups, as well as better understand the effects that your campaign optimizations have on your performance.

The release of Real-time data includes total spend (margin and fees included), clicks, impressions, CTR, avg. CPM and avg. CPC on ad group and campaign levels.

On this help page, you will find more information about the Real-time data product feature release.

Improved search functionality

We have rolled out Zemanta’s improved Search functionality.

Find quickly and precisely whatever you are looking for by narrowing down your search results based on the level of the search: account, campaign, or ad group.

New Media source release: Unruly

We are happy to let you know we have just released a new media source, Unruly and Unruly Display!

Unruly enables advertisers to exceed performance and brand awareness goals in CTV, video, and display campaigns by engaging global (but mostly US and Canada) audiences in premium, brand-safe environments, including CBS Interactive, Funimation, Newsy, Pluto Tv, Fubo Tv, Crunchyroll, FloSports, Future Today, XUMO, Univision, PopcornFlix,, and others. To engage audiences across screens, including the most popular CTV devices and platforms, make sure to learn how to add Unruly to your ad groups today.

Product updates that will save you time and energy

We have some good news for you. There are a couple of updates to the Zemanta One dashboard to help you save time and energy when using the platform. 

Within account settings, you can now add the brand name, that will be placed in all creatives and served with ads where this is required by the publisher. You no longer need to add the brand name on the ad creative level. If you wish to change the brand name for a specific ad, you can still edit the brand name on the ad level and overwrite the account settings. 

There is a new column in the grid on the campaign level, which allows you to quickly change the bid value (CPC or CPM) for each ad group. Within this column, you see your chosen bidding strategy and the bid value, which you can edit on the spot. In short, this column includes the same functionality as the max or target bid field (depending on the bidding strategy) available in the ad group settings (within the bidding and budgets section). You can still use ad group settings for this if you prefer, where you can also change the bidding type and strategy. 

There is another small change in the exported reports – you now see additional three columns: bid (bidding value), bidding strategy, and bidding type.

For your convenience, we have introduced another new column in the grid (on the campaign level) that allows you to easily change the ad group daily budget. Again, you can still go to the ad group settings and make the edits there if you wish. 

The bid and daily budget columns within the grid (like all editable grid elements) can’t be hidden. 

Bidding on Outbrain’s supply sources more seamlessly than ever

Over the last years, Zemanta has brought many additional supply sources to its platform from worldwide recognized SSPs, ensuring you scale across native, video, and display channels. 

This is particularly true when it comes to the Outbrain RTB media source. In an effort to give you better clarity on the Outbrain Native and Native to Display supplies you bid on, we’ve decided to merge several media sources under Outbrain RTB. 

Now, MSN Premium Header Bidding, MSN via, Samsung, Outbrain Header Bidding, Outbrain Header Bidding Display, Opera, and OPA Display all sit under the Outbrain RTB media source. This gives you a better scale when bidding on Outbrain and the opportunity to seamlessly expand your Native campaigns on Native to Display inventory.

Bidding Insights – troubleshoot your campaigns

We have rolled out a red carpet for the new product feature: Bidding Insights. 

What are Bidding Insights?

Simply put, consider it as your own ad group troubleshooter! Bidding Insights help you understand what inventory you are potentially missing out on due to your ad group settings. From targeting to frequency, budget, or pacing settings, Bidding Insights help you get the most out of the available bid requests.

How can I benefit from Bidding Insights?

With Bidding Insights, you can superpower your programmatic strategies and get the best results for your campaigns. Benefits include:

  •  Maximizing your win and budget-fill rates,
  •  Monitoring easily all ad group changes and their effects for the last 30 days to even better optimize the ad group settings,
  •  Getting ideas when creating new ad groups.

When to use Bidding Insights?

You can always use Bidding Insights to see if you are missing out on available inventory and to compare your ad group to other ad groups bidding on the same inventory. We especially recommend using this feature when:

  •  You want to troubleshoot your ad group,
  •  You are not maxing out your daily budget,
  •  You wish to fine-tune your ad group.

How to use Bidding Insights?

That’s easy! Just go to a specific ad group, look at the infobox on the top right, click the Bidding Insights et voila!

Learn more about Bidding Insights on our dedicated Help page. 

New Media source release – popIn, AppNexus Display, StartApp

We are happy to let you know we have released new media sources: popIn Discovery, (StartApp), and AppNexus Display!

  • popIn Discovery is the largest native ad platform in Japan, developed with the motto of increasing the value of web media and proving it. It is introduced into more than 900 web media including newspapers, publishers, and news agencies. Formats supported are advertorials, videos, images and others. Check the inventory planning here.
  • (formerly StartApp) has direct integration with one million mobile apps and provides access to unprecedented levels of global first-party data, which can be leveraged to understand and predict behaviours, identify new opportunities and fuel strategic business decisions. You can take a closer look at their inventory here.

In addition to AppNexus, we have added AppNexus Display to our portfolio of media sources, so you can have even more display placements at your disposal. Check out our planning tool to take a closer look into the newly available inventory.