Product Releases

We’re always striving to meet our user’s needs, by launching numerous innovative product features and updates shaped by your feedback and our knowledge. Below, we share with you some of our Zemanta One platform information, together with helpful resources highlighting our updates and releases to help you superpower your programmatic advertising strategies.

Set Keyword Targeting by Exclusion


Starting today, Zemanta One users can notice a new menu in the upper-right hamburger menu or within the Management Console: Keywords.

Users can now upload custom negative Keywords lists directly to Zemanta One to use later on for targeting initiatives.

New Keywords Targeting Option

On the Ad Group level, users can apply Keyword targeting by exclusion to avoid targeting placements within publishers’ content not relevant to their brand, product, or services. This targeting option puts them in the best position when considering brand safety or when they need to reach the right audiences to drive engagements and increase conversions.

You can learn more about Keyword targeting by exclusion here and read about Zemanta’s approach to brand safety here.

A new addition to our Media Sources is GMO


We are happy to announce that we have just added a new media source to our catalog, GMO.

GMO Internet Group company exchange offers buying native advertising placements across mobile phones, tablets and CTV/OTT with an estimated reach of 1 Billion monthly impressions on major news, sports, entertainment, fashion, beauty and lifestyle publishers. You can access audiences located mostly in Japan with some minor reach in the United States, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Canada and other 70 countries around the world as well. Preliminary testings show results in average CPC scoring at $0.151 and average CPM at $0.082.

A new addition to our Media Sources is Huawei


We are happy to announce that we have just added a new media source to our catalog, Huawei!

Huawei offers original mobile placements inline with a cohesive UI design across Huawei devices, ensuring a consistent and immersive engagement with the content.

EU inventory is only available for the time being with LATAM and APAC markets joining later this year. You have the possibility to reach 33 million monthly impressions across mobile phones, tablets through their native channel.

About Huawei

Huawei is the leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT), infrastructure and smart devices. It ranks number 2 in the global smartphone market, accounting for almost 19% of market share.

Learn more about the potential reach and costs for the Huawei exchange here.

A new addition to our Media Sources is Bigo


We are happy to announce that we have just added Bigo to our media source catalog.

Bigo provides the possibility to reach nearly 400 million monthly active users in more than 150 countries and regions with the focus on the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia. With this ad exchange, you will be able to buy inventory within popular mobile applications, such as Likee, imo, Wordscapes, Solitaire and Wordle.

Use Zemanta’s advanced technology to place your engaging native and display ads on Bigo to discover users in untapped markets!

A new addition to our Media Sources is AppLovin


With 69% of all programmatic bid requests occurring on mobile devices, we are happy to announce that we have just added another media source to our catalog, AppLovin!

The AppLovin ad network is the leading mobile in-app RTB exchange, connecting buyers to more than 60,000 mobile apps on over 1.5 billion mobile devices globally. It supports all major ad formats and channels across native, display, and video. ALX also leverages all the features and inventory from the MoPub exchange, as MoPub is going to be deprecated at the end of March 2022.

A new addition to our Media Sources is Powerspace


We are happy to announce that we have just released a new media source, Powerspace.

Powerspace offers native advertising placements on newsletters to more than 26 million daily readers in over 350 newsletters. This gives our advertisers the opportunity to hit additional 1.3 billion impressions per month. Powerspace partners with more than 60 publishers in France and Italy such as Lagardère, M6, M Publicité, Reworld Media, and Webedia. As audiences have explicitly provided their consent to receive newsletters, Powerspace allows our clients to serve personalized ads with specific demographic, geographic, and device targeting options.

A new addition to our Media Sources is LoopMe


We are happy to announce that we have released a new media source, LoopMe! 

LoopMe offers a large scale of quality supply with access to 50K+ app bundles and sites and a reach of 2.6B monthly active users. It is specialized in global mobile in-app, mweb banner placements, and native formats. The SSP guarantees premium, viewable and brand-safe supply. LoopMe is the preferred, global reseller for Unity Ads with global access to their app bundles. In partnership with Amazon TAM, it offers direct access to Zynga, Gameloft, Xflow, GSN Games, Castbox, TextNow.

Take a closer look at the LoopMe inventory here.

Work Faster with Default Settings


Campaign setup processes are pretty straightforward within the Z1 dashboard once you are going through them daily. Sometimes there can be a lot of repetitive tasks.

We now offer tools within Zemanta One that will make setting up new Accounts, Campaigns, and Ad Groups much faster and easier. Ensure consistency and spend less time managing entities in Z1 with the Default Settings feature.

The Clone option within Z1 is great but every time you clone an item, you need to modify settings, remove parameters or change them later on. This can be counterproductive sometimes.

To avoid that, you can consider using Default Settings. Set up Default Settings on the Agency, Account, and Campaign level and these settings will then be inherited to newly created lower entities. 

This way, you can have important and repetitive information already stored and ready to be reused anytime to avoid errors and do setups faster.

Click here for detailed instructions on the new Default Settings feature.

New Targeting options are now available


We have expanded our targeting offerings within the Z1 dashboard.

We are aware of how important it is for our clients to use advanced targeting capabilities to improve advertising performance across the customer acquisition lifecycle. While targeting is seen as a way of increasing online user attention, it also improves other metrics down the funnel, like retention and monetization. It increases the likelihood that the right types of audiences will get to know your brand and make the right decisions.

This is why we have decided to make targeting options even more accessible within the Z1 dashboard when setting up Ad Groups.

We are also introducing new targeting options.

Click here for detailed instructions on the new Targeting options.

New Engagement Tracking is now available


Zemanta One (Z1) dashboard has an exciting update. We have completely redesigned our conversion tracking pipeline. We call it Engagement Tracking!

Z1 users can notice three new sections in the Z1 dashboard: Engagement Tracking, Conversions, and Audiences.

Zemanta Pixel for Better Performance Optimization

The new Zemanta Pixel is becoming more reliable for tracking conversions. Now in JavaScript, more granular recorded data with the pixel will fuel the Z1 algorithm to optimize towards even better campaign performance. Zemanta Pixel is also becoming universal. So, users will need to implement one code tag on their managed websites. The new click ID parameter will also put online users’ privacy upfront, without relying on a third-party cookie.

Define Conversion Definitions within the dashboard

The Conversions section in the Z1 is now the most important single-point for managing rules and conditions under which conversion attributions will apply and count when tracking user actions. Historically, by using image pixels, you would have needed to implement new image pixels for each user action you wanted to track. Now, setting up a conversion definition in the dashboard will do the job.

Audiences for custom retargeting

By creating audience pools users will keep a record of online users who have visited their websites and/or converted. The Zemanta Pixel lets them build first-party audiences. In this way, they can retarget users or, for example, exclude users from retargeting (when users complete the desired actions). We are also adding a new click ID parameter when tracking that puts online user privacy upfront without relying on a third-party cookie.

Click here for detailed instructions on the new Engagement Tracking.