Product Releases

We’re always striving to meet our user’s needs, by launching numerous innovative product features and updates shaped by your feedback and our knowledge. Below, we share with you some of our Zemanta One platform information, together with helpful resources highlighting our updates and releases to help you superpower your programmatic advertising strategies.

New Engagement Tracking is now available


Zemanta One (Z1) dashboard has an exciting update. We have completely redesigned our conversion tracking pipeline. We call it Engagement Tracking!

Z1 users can notice three new sections in the Z1 dashboard: Engagement Tracking, Conversions, and Audiences.

Zemanta Pixel for Better Performance Optimization

The new Zemanta Pixel is becoming more reliable for tracking conversions. Now in JavaScript, more granular recorded data with the pixel will fuel the Z1 algorithm to optimize towards even better campaign performance. Zemanta Pixel is also becoming universal. So, users will need to implement one code tag on their managed websites. The new click ID parameter will also put online users’ privacy upfront, without relying on a third-party cookie.

Define Conversion Definitions within the dashboard

The Conversions section in the Z1 is now the most important single-point for managing rules and conditions under which conversion attributions will apply and count when tracking user actions. Historically, by using image pixels, you would have needed to implement new image pixels for each user action you wanted to track. Now, setting up a conversion definition in the dashboard will do the job.

Audiences for custom retargeting

By creating audience pools users will keep a record of online users who have visited their websites and/or converted. The Zemanta Pixel lets them build first-party audiences. In this way, they can retarget users or, for example, exclude users from retargeting (when users complete the desired actions). We are also adding a new click ID parameter when tracking that puts online user privacy upfront without relying on a third-party cookie.

Click here for detailed instructions on the new Engagement Tracking.

A new addition to our Media Sources is Amazon UAM


We are happy to announce that we have released a new media source, Amazon UAM! 

Amazon offers extensive first-party data about its customers. Ads, served within its network, have high purchase intent, better targeting, and therefore higher engagement rates. Amazon boasts a large network of publishers connecting via UAM and HeaderBidding. 71% of publishers now use Amazon’s header bidding technology. 

Please note that currently, only display traffic is available, however, this media source supports native to display functionality as well. If you are a Z1 user, you can take a closer look at the Amazon UAM inventory here.

Checkbox allowing Zemanta One to skip validation of the tracker


When adding third-party click and impression tracking parameters into creatives, reachability checks might sometimes fail due to validation servers being blocked. If Zemanta One users are going to insert a tracker that fails the reachability check, an instant warning message will appear. If they are sure the tracker is reachable regardless of the message, they can decide to force skip the validation process by checking the box on the screenshot below.

Learn more on this Zemanta help page.

Zemanta Pixel Helper Chrome extension is now available


Zemanta pixel is our in-house solution for you to gather valuable behavioral data and information on user engagement. This code snippet loads the JS script which allows triggering HTTP requests to Zemanta’s redirector either on every page visit or by custom events.

Zemanta pixel should, therefore, fire flawlessly on every page visit of your website.

Zemanta Pixel Helper lets you easily test if the Zemanta pixel has been implemented correctly and firing on your website. Add the Zemanta Image Helper to your Chrome browser here.

Zemanta Pixel Helper Chrome extension is now available

The new Creatives review system


We’re happy to let you know that we have a new Creatives review process in Zemanta One (Z1)!

You will find it all over your Zemanta One dashboard: 

  • within the Creative Library grid, 
  • in the Creatives detailed view, 
  • on all the levels of the Creatives dimension, 
  • on the ad group level, and 
  • within the ad picker when adding creatives to the ad group.

​Thanks to the new Creatives review system, all the creatives are submitted to be reviewed immediately after being uploaded to the library, which will allow you to prepare for campaign flights in advance.

You can find more information about the Creatives review process on our Help page.

New media source release: Verizon Media!


A new media source, Verizon Media, has been added to our 40+ media partners list. 

You can buy Verizon Media inventory through Zemanta One and run your ads on premium publishers such as Yahoo, AOL, and Techcrunch and premium partners such as MSN, Hearst Newspapers, Buzzfeed, Gannett, and many more.

This media source supports our unique native to display functionality, so you can have your native ads served within Verizon Media display placements.If you are a Z1 user, you can take a closer look at their inventory here.

New Creatives management system: Creative Library


After a 2-month test period, we have given all the Zemanta One (Z1) users access to our new Creatives management system called Creative Library! 

It enables you to upload creatives just once and then use them across all of your campaigns and ad groups.

The new Creatives management is completely replacing the old system with better workflows when adding, editing, exporting, and using your creatives. You can find the instructions on how to use Creative Library here.

Real-time data is available in Zemanta One


We’re excited to let you know that we now have Real-time data mode in the Zemanta One dashboard. 

Real-time data gives you the ability to immediately and continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns and ad groups, as well as better understand the effects that your campaign optimizations have on your performance.

The release of Real-time data includes total spend (margin and fees included), clicks, impressions, CTR, avg. CPM and avg. CPC on ad group and campaign levels.

On this help page, you will find more information about the Real-time data product feature release.

Improved search functionality


We have rolled out Zemanta’s improved Search functionality.

Find quickly and precisely whatever you are looking for by narrowing down your search results based on the level of the search: account, campaign, or ad group.