New tools for campaign performance overview and optimisation

Mitja Godnic
Apr 8, 2019

Spring is here and so are some awesome updates we are bringing to Zemanta One. Today we’d like to share improvements to our reporting and bid modifiers that we released recently.

The improvements give you better overview of campaign performance and allow you to to fine tune the traffic you are buying.

Reporting improvements

Understanding traffic performance is key to any performance fine tuning. This release brings a total of six new dimensions through which you can breakdown traffic performance: country, state, DMA, device type, placement and operating system.

This dimension breakdowns are now available on ad group view as well as higher aggregate views (campaign, account and all accounts).

Bid modifiers updates

Once you understand the performance of a particular dimension the bid modifiers allow you to take action on those insights.

With bid modifiers you can adjust your CPC or CPM price for each dimension separately, giving you the ability to fine tune your traffic buying and optimise your performance.

In addition to 6 dimensions introduced above bid modifiers are also available on publisher and ad breakdowns. The bid modifiers can be configured on the ad group level.

Have a look at our webinar that covers breakdowns and bid modifier basics and take a deep dive on the topic.

Zemanta webinar: breakdowns & bid modifiers

We are excited about the new features and the potential they bring to you. As always, we are interested to hear your opinion. Let us know by dropping a note to

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