Save Time and Effort with Automation Rules

Jerneja Lovenjak
Nov 25, 2020
Save time & effort with Automation Rules

Managing programmatic campaigns can be difficult. A lot of teams struggle to oversee multiple campaigns simultaneously, making campaign management overwhelming. We hear you, and we’ve certainly all been there before.

To solve this challenge, we’ve developed Automation Rules – a powerful set of tools that automatically perform tasks for you so you can say bye to repetitive tasks forever.

Save more time. Create more value. For your business.

Rules automate the manual work, including frequent optimization tasks, budget adjustments, or email alerts. Once a rule is running, you can remove that task from your to-do list. Easy, right?

Adding rules to your campaigns is simple. You can create a rule directly from the reporting grid, or through the Automation Rules Library – a new section of the dashboard that provides a clear overview of all your existing rules and allows you to make quick edits from a unified interface. No need to jump between different accounts and campaigns.

Design rule combinations to fit any business objective

Take advantage of rules to achieve your specific business objective. Is your goal to maximize engagement on the page? There’s a rule for it. Is your goal to drive conversions? We have a rule for that too.

To give you an example, you can create a rule that will automatically remove all placements from your campaigns that aren’t reaching the desired objective. Conversely, a rule can boost buying on placements that are ROI-positive. No more need for scrolling through long lists of placements, identifying which work and which to say bye to. See more use cases on our help pages.

Create custom alerts to act fast 

Create email notifications for every rule or set up custom email alerts to keep track of exactly what’s going on with your campaigns.

How to get started with Automation Rules

Starting today, Automation Rules are available to all Zemanta users. To discover some of the most useful examples of Automation rules our clients swear by, make sure to read our top 5 rule examples (including step-by-step instructions on how to set them up)!

If you’re new to Zemanta, make sure to sign up for a demo, or reach out to your Zemanta representative with any questions.

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