Introducing Placements: A New Level of Targeting & Reporting

Jerneja Lovenjak
Jun 24, 2020
Introducing Placements: A New Level of Targeting & Reporting

Looking to dive deeper into your campaign’s performance? 

Here at Zemanta, we are committed to helping marketers achieve the highest and best ROI for their advertising campaigns by giving them the best insights for their business. As part of this commitment, we are happy to introduce Placements – a whole new layer of targeting and reporting.

Placements dimension provides a new level of targeting and reporting beyond the publisher level by providing insights about the performance of a specific ad placement directly in the grid breakdown. 

Advertisers can then simply apply bid adjustments by a percentage variance against the base CPC to ensure more traffic for the highest-performing placements, or create a list of placements they wish to target or exclude from their campaign.  

To learn more about Placements, make sure to reference this Help Article.

Wait, that’s not all! We’ve made even more updates to both reporting and targeting functionalities, here’s what else this release brings:

Placement Type Reporting 

Understand not only what specific placements perform best for your campaigns, but also where on the page your ads are appearing, whether that is in-feed of the content, in article page, ads section or the recommendation widgets.  

Publishers & Placements Groups

Say bye to time-consuming publisher groups upload and welcome the enhanced Publishers & Placements functionality! Build Publishers & Placements groups directly from the reporting grid or add selected placements or publishers to an existing list without having to upload a separate .csv file first

Publishers & Placements Library

Review where a certain list is connected and disconnect it or delete it for the selected entity in our brand new Publishers & Placements Library. No more clicking through all levels and settings tabs to identify and disable publisher groups!

We are excited about the new features and the potential they bring to you. As always, we love to hear your opinion and feedback. Let us know by dropping a note to or reach out through Intercom. 

Happy optimising!

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