Reach your goals faster than ever with Real-Time Autopilot

Jerneja Lovenjak
Nov 23, 2020
Reach your goals faster than ever with Real-Time Autopilot

For those of you not familiar with the Autopilot, it’s the core automation engine that powers your Zemanta campaigns. Autopilot automatically optimizes for the most optimal price possible to reach your specific goal, while hitting your daily budget. So instead of having to spend time manually optimizing your budgets and bids, you can get better results faster! 

And guess what? You can now enjoy the next generation of Autopilot – The Real-Time Autopilot. 

So what’s changing? Simply put, the new Autopilot works faster and better than ever before. 

Faster? Thanks to a sophisticated AI based mechanism that analyses hundreds of campaign parameters at the same time, the new Real-Time Autopilot adjusts your CPCs in real-time to answer market fluctuations and find the optimal price for your campaign in less than an hour’s time.

Better? We refined the technology to make sure all our automated optimisation sit under the new autopilot. Campaign goal optimization, Budget optimization and the Autopilot bidding strategy are now all powered by the new technology, giving you more transparency, more efficiency and better control over your campaign management.

Do I still have control over my campaign? Absolutely! 

If you’re the kind of advertiser who likes to keep the matter in their own hands, you have the option to manage your campaigns manually, or select a combination of settings that allow you to utilise the benefits of the Autopilot, while still maintaining control over your budget and bids. 

Need help navigating through those latest updates? We got you covered! Just consult this guide that highlights what Autopilot can do for you according to your own KPIs.

How to get started with Real-Time Autopilot? Easy…

If you’re an existing Zemanta user, make sure to check out the new Autopilot in the dashboard today. To get started with Zemanta, you can simply schedule a demo here.

For more information about all the changes this release brings, make sure to read our help center article.

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