View-through conversions: An improved way to track campaign performance

Jerneja Lovenjak
Oct 8, 2019
View-through conversions

We’ve added a new reporting capability to the Zemanta dashboard that will make performance analysis even easier – view-through conversions!

View-through conversion tracking enables you to have a more comprehensive understanding of which content ads, media sources and publishers are performing best against your campaign goals.

Until now, our conversion tracking has been based solely on measuring last click-based conversion attribution. By adding view-through conversions, you now have the opportunity to report the value of a conversion that occurs after an ad was viewed, but a user hasn’t clicked on it.

Why use view-through conversions? 

Our ads deliver enormous value for marketers, even when users don’t click on them. Users can interact with multiple ads, and exposure to an ad alone can often lead to conversions – think of traditional TV or billboard advertisements.

We recommend that you evaluate view-through performance data in conjunction with click-through conversions. Combined, these metrics will help you understand the overall campaign impact, and can help you make a data-driven decisions for your future media investments.

How do I add view-through conversions to my reports?

View-through conversions are reported separately, and can be found alongside our existing click-through reporting metrics in the Conversions & CPAs section of the column picker:

Please note that view-through conversions are only counted if the conversions occur within 24 hours of the ad event, while click-through conversions support 1, 7 and 30 day conversion windows.

Conversions are marked as view-through only if the user hasn’t clicked on the ad. If the user viewed the ad and then clicked on it, a subsequent conversion will be marked as a click conversion. This means that there is no overlap on the dashboard between view-through and click-through conversions.

User viewed the ad User clicked on the ad Conversion type
  View-through conversion
Click-through conversion


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