A New Way to Achieve Stronger Campaign Performance

Bostjan Spetic
May 17, 2018

As a marketer, your goal is to achieve maximum results, efficiently. At Zemanta, we’re continually building tools to help you meet this objective. That’s why today, we’re excited to introduce campaign budget optimization, a new way to ensure you’re making the most of your Zemanta spend, while also giving you an easier way to manage your campaign investment.

With campaign budget optimization, our platform will automatically distribute your budget according to campaign performance. We will allocate more budget to the ad groups driving the most impact for your business, while allocating less to the those which aren’t. As a result, you no longer need to manually adjust your daily spend caps or worry about hitting your campaign goals.

As a simple example, let’s say you have a campaign budget of $100. If Ad Group A is driving better results for your business than Ad Group B, we might allocate $70 to Ad Group A ad $30 to Ad Group B. Previously, your $100 would have been evenly distributed across all of your media sources, and you would have had to monitor and optimize your daily budget manually.

Now, with campaign budget optimization, our system will do this for you and will automatically adjust your daily budget in real time.

By allowing our platform to automatically distribute your campaign spend according to performance, you’ll see greater efficiency on Zemanta, and you won’t lose dollars on underspending ad groups.

Getting started is easy! Simply visit your Zemanta dashboard and select the option to enable budget optimization for your campaign:

And as always, reach out to support@zemanta.com with any questions or comments!

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Bostjan Spetic

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