Introducing Inventory Planning

Mitja Godnic
Nov 23, 2017

Zemanta platform is connected to over 30 SSPs and networks, giving our clients a chance to access the majority of existing native traffic. But when you add in targeting, you may not always have a clear grasp on what your reach will be. It might turn out that your selected targeting is too narrow, or too costly. When setting up a campaign, you may also wonder where your ads will end up being shown. Wouldn’t a list of publishers help you make informed decisions about your campaigns?

At Zemanta, we pride ourselves on transparency and the ability to provide our clients with tools that help their campaigns reach their full potential. This is why we’re excited to announce Inventory Planning, our newest feature that will further cement our status as one of the leaders in transparency and innovation in native advertising.

Inventory Planning will help you plan your Zemanta campaigns by showing you the potential reach and cost of your targeting ideas. The impression data for this feature is pulled from a 30-day period (updated every month) and it allows you to add filters such as locations, publishers, and devices. Once you’ve added targeting filters, you’ll get an insight into crucial information, such as your potential reach, average CPM, bid success rates, and breakdown of traffic across publishers, devices, and traffic. Think of these statistics as a guide to help you plan your campaign, rather than to project future campaign performance.

With Inventory Planning, you can:

  • learn how many impressions are available in a segment that you’re planning to target
  • gain insight into the breakdown of traffic across publishers, devices, and countries
  • compare different segments in terms of cost and potential reach
  • find out whether your reach is large enough, whether it is geared towards certain locations, or how it is spread out across different devices
  • see what prices you should expect for a specific segment
  • explore new targeting ideas while keeping your budget in mind
  • generate new ideas for ad groups
  • find the best opportunities to scale your campaign

The takeaway here is that you should play around with this feature – don’t just use it to check your current targeting, use it to experiment and discover new ways of reaching your audience!

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Mitja Godnic
Product Marketing Specialist at Zemanta · "Overcoming communication barriers between customers and engineers can be challenging. My mission is to learn from both worlds, connect the dots and unite tools, skills, and creativity to make users care about our product as much as we do."

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