New Engagement Tracking is now available


Zemanta dashboard has an exciting update. We have completely redesigned our conversion tracking pipeline. We call it Engagement Tracking!

Zemanta users can notice three new sections in the Zemanta dashboard: Engagement Tracking, Conversions, and Audiences.

Zemanta Pixel for Better Performance Optimization

The new Zemanta Pixel is becoming more reliable for tracking conversions. Now in JavaScript, more granular recorded data with the pixel will fuel the Zemanta algorithm to optimize towards even better campaign performance. Zemanta Pixel is also becoming universal. So, users will need to implement one code tag on their managed websites. The new click ID parameter will also put online users’ privacy upfront, without relying on a third-party cookie.

Define Conversion Definitions within the dashboard

The Conversions section in the Zemanta dashboard is now the most important single-point for managing rules and conditions under which conversion attributions will apply and count when tracking user actions. Historically, by using image pixels, you would have needed to implement new image pixels for each user action you wanted to track. Now, setting up a conversion definition in the dashboard will do the job.

Audiences for custom retargeting

By creating audience pools users will keep a record of online users who have visited their websites and/or converted. The Zemanta Pixel lets them build first-party audiences. In this way, they can retarget users or, for example, exclude users from retargeting (when users complete the desired actions). We are also adding a new click ID parameter when tracking that puts online user privacy upfront without relying on a third-party cookie.


Click here for detailed instructions on the new Engagement Tracking.

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