Zemanta Named 2021 Programmatic Power Player by AdExchanger

Jelena Jeknic
Jul 5, 2021
Zemanta Named 2021 Programmatic Power Player by AdExchanger

Zemanta takes a well-deserved place on the prestige list of 2021 Programmatic Power Players, recognized as a fast-growing ad technology business and one of the top strategic partners in the media and advertising industry, especially for Programmatic Strategy and Performance Marketing categories.

Programmatic Power Players Award

AdExchange offers a searchable guide to the digital marketing industry’s best agencies, tech providers, and partners – The Programmatic Power Players List (see the full list).

Updated annually, the list is a final product of an intense competition entered by hundreds of companies from across the globe. AdExchanger’s editors evaluate companies’ strengths, documented case studies, and client references to pick out the creme-de-la-creme from the digital advertising ecosystem. 

For years, the advertising ecosystem has no longer been a simple relationship between publisher and advertiser. It has evolved into a complex, dynamic affair involving an ever-increasing number of stakeholders and layers. AdExchange’s Programmatic Power Players List is an effort to help companies that are looking for programmatic strategic partners to choose more easily and wisely.

Zemanta’s rise and shine as a unique DSP

Zemanta, the world’s first multi-channel demand-side platform built for post-click engagement, was founded in 2007. Since 2017, it has operated as a company owned by Outbrain – the leading recommendation platform for the open web. Zemanta’s users and their advertisers benefit from the joint journey of the two companies, as Zemanta incorporates Outbrain’s proprietary user interests graph and its network of 10,000 publishers to power the best platform for targeting and delivering user engagement.

As a result, Zemanta has grown significantly and built tremendous momentum among advertisers, helping them break through the fundamentally flawed reach and frequency metrics by determining which placements and creatives lead to the right users engaging with their ads and websites. 

Zemanta’s global team has expanded from a base in New York, London, and Slovenia to cover the globe with offices in New York, California, the UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Singapore, and Japan.

We work with all Big 6 holding companies (IPG, Publicis, WPP, Havas, Omnicom, and Dentsu) around the world alongside the most prominent brands.

Future of programmatic advertising

According to Todd Sawicki, CEO of Zemanta, “Traditional programmatic advertising platforms are built to buy just impressions, but Zemanta has pioneered the technology that empowers trading desks to show actual return on ad spend. 

“One of the most unique features of Zemanta is how we integrate web analytics data into the platform. Unlike other DSPs, we offer seamless Google Analytics and Adobe integration. Our Zemanta platform incorporates web analytics data into its automated campaign management and bidder. This allows you to bid using goals like Cost per Minute on Site (Time on Site). On the grounds of the integration, you can optimize your traffic performance beyond traditional campaign performance metrics as you can review more analytics data within the Zemanta dashboard. 

“With the cookieless future of online advertising right around the corner, Zemanta’s unique background in semantic analysis and approach to bidding & optimizing campaigns provides for an even bigger advantage for advertisers leveraging our platform. Zemanta was originally built on a foundation of context and semantics – not cookies and audience targeting. Zemanta can target audiences and impressions like other DSPs, but as the world moves away from those approaches we are positioned to help advertisers survive and thrive.

“Our bidder is optimized for CPC and post-click performance. Our CTR predictor is best in class, and therefore, we deliver great post-click optimization. We convert our CPC bids to CPMs automatically by predicting the probability of clicks on each impression. To predict the probability of clicks, we use all creative asset properties, all publisher/widget properties, and all available contextual properties. Zemanta is designed for discovery and prospecting. This is what we do best. We target environments and context, not just people. As our algorithms can predict post-click engagement, we are able to discover the most optimal, new audiences for our client’s campaigns, and for that, we don’t require cookies at all. 

“At Zemanta, we believe all these key elements are what sets us apart from other DSPs, what our clients value the most and what is reflected through this award. We thrive on the wave of the success we’ve helped enable for our clients and our role as a true strategic partner by offering additional tech solutions & integrations and white-glove client support. We are incredibly honored to have Zemanta included on this list,” explains Sawicki, Zemanta CEO.

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