Zemanta is a Proud Verified Partner for Publicis EMEA

Jelena Jeknic
Aug 17, 2021
Zemanta is Publicis EMEA Verified Partner

At Zemanta, we are very proud to be verified by Publicis Media EMEA as their trusted partner.

‍Publicis Media comprises five global brands: Starcom, Zenith, Spark Foundry, Blue 449, and Performics, all powered by digital-first, data-driven global practices that deliver client value and business transformation.

The Publicis team is committed to helping clients navigate the modern media landscape, with a mission, based on a foundation of Trust, Talent, and Transformation.

Publicis Media employs a rigorous vetting process to ensure their verified partners not only meet industry standards but Publicis standards as well. The qualities sought by Publicis in their partners are security, transparency, and excellence in providing the perfect combination of technology, solutions, and service to all agency teams. Publicis ensures their partners are trustworthy technology leaders, especially in terms of data-driven product features and capabilities.

All Publicis agencies have access to information about these partners, and now, Zemanta information is also available via Publicis’ internal network.

Together, Zemanta and Publicis bring best-in-class media buying services to global marketers and advertisers – Publicis via its agency expertise and Zemanta with its unique multi-channel demand-side platform built for post-click engagement. According to Publicis Media CEO Steve King, “Today’s biggest challenge for marketers is consumer engagement.” Through a unique combination of media expertise and capabilities, Publicis Media delivers modern solutions that create efficiencies and drive new levels of scale and client value… Publicis and their clients especially appreciate Zemanta being built entirely around the idea of helping advertisers generate engagement – whether visits, views, leads or conversions – all from their programmatic advertising campaigns.”

You can superpower your programmatic strategies as well!

More than 800 brands across the globe rely on Zemanta to scale their programmatic campaigns.

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Jelena Jeknic
Director of Marketing at Zemanta ∙ "My mission is to inspire growth. I’m always making sure customers receive exceptional, consistent, and relevant digital experience by successfully applying marketing, sales, and service through technology."

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