We’ve Partnered with AdsNative for Programmatic Native Supply

Bostjan Spetic
Apr 14, 2015

We’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated with AdsNative, a new supply-side platform for Native Advertising. Zemanta clients are now able to purchase inventory programmatically on AdsNative’s slate of high quality publishers, in addition to the 20+ other supply channels already available via the Zemanta DSP.

Native Ad for NextAdvisor on Outdoor Hub via the Zemanta One DSP and AdsNative Native Ad for NextAdvisor on Outdoor Hub via the Zemanta DSP and AdsNative

“Zemanta is an ideal partner, given that their team is building a DSP focused on native formats,” stated Satish Polisetti, CEO of AdsNative. We look forward to the increased value delivered by the Zemanta DSP through this partnership and the many more to come.

The AdsNative integration was completed in a few short weeks thanks to the the OpenRTB Native project spearheaded by the IAB. The IAB released its official guidelines and API specifications for programmatic native in February. We expect this new standard to help speed the way to more native inventory available programmatically in Zemanta, with all the transparency and targeting options buyers have come to expect from our category-defining DSP.

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Bostjan Spetic

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