Announcing Goals & Conversion Tracking

Bostjan Spetic
Dec 14, 2015

Like Dad always said, “Conversions Don’t Just Grow on Trees.”

At Zemanta we know it’s critical for marketers to be able to understand the ROI of their content creation and media investment. To help marketers connect the dots between content and conversion we’re launching Goals and Conversion Tracking, a measurement tool to properly track the activity that happens on your website as a result of someone clicking on your Content Ad.

Zemanta was built from day one to be transparent. As such it already enables users to see Content Ad performance metrics and post-click measures such as pageviews, time on site, and pageviews per visit. Our new Goals & Conversion Tracking feature will help you better understand the value of your Content Ad campaigns, and more efficiently optimize your campaigns across networks, publishers and articles. With Goals & Conversion Tracking you have the ability to not only monitor KPIs such as sales, shares, downloads, or subscriptions but also see those conversions per promoted article and creative execution. This enables you to truly make better decisions when promoting your content and can even help inform better content creation.

  • Which delivers more subscribers: the Gluten Free Brownie recipe or the Vegan Casserole?
  • Which headline-strategy drives actual sales: emotional or practical?

With Zemanta. Now you know.

How does Goals & Conversion Tracking work?

Suppose you’re a B2B marketer for an enterprise software company and would like to measure how a campaign drove new leads. With Goals & Conversion Tracking you create a conversion pixel and place it on the lead capture confirmation pages. When a new user reaches that page the pixel reports the action to Zemanta, along with the corresponding Media Source, Placement, Creative (Headline/Thumbnail combination) and Content Ad.

Setup a new Conversion or Goal Tracker directly in Zemanta One today! Setup a new Conversion or Goal Tracker directly in Zemanta today!

All of the tracking data is exposed to clients in their dashboard. This is just the beginning for Zemanta. We look forward to empowering marketers with increased reporting granularity and optimization tools to better execute campaigns.

If you’re interested in learning how Goals & Conversion Tracking and Zemanta may be able to help your content marketing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Bostjan Spetic

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