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Zemanta is Outbrain’s only official DSP partner

As our CTO in charge of supply, Andraz put it:
“We’ve been one of the first to utilize Outbrain API and it is great to see Outbrain creating a whole ecosystem around it. Outbrain Partner Network is a well-rounded collection of services that marketer can use to amplify their content efforts efficiently and at scale.”

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What programmatic advertising should learn from US elections

Collective failure of polling industry to predict the outcome in this presidential elections is shocking. A lot of money goes into methodology of collecting data and analyzing that data to predict outcomes. This is surprisingly similar to what is going on in online advertising tech lately.

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The problem of clickbait in related articles

Some native ads are sub-par and intentionally misleading. The networks need to do a better job of not allowing these types of advertisements. Publishers are right to demand that from the networks. Agencies need to educate their clients rather than blindly chase click-through rates. But this is all a symptom of something else.

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