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Introducing Publisher View

Every day, marketers use Zemanta to promote their content to millions of people across the web. Each piece of content gives marketers the ability to foster meaningful relationships with their customers and identify insights to apply to their businesses.  Historically Zemanta has provided campaign reports at the article and network levels to help advertisers understand the impact of their content program. Today, we’re excited to take this one step further with the release of Publisher View, the newest addition to the Zemanta platform

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Customized Reports Now Available in Zemanta

Starting today, marketers can now access customizable reports in Zemanta. These reports will make it even easier to review key campaign metrics and make meaningful optimizations to improve ROI.

Since the launch of the Zemanta platform, marketers have loved our dedication to complete transparency and aggregated analytics. Customized reports take this one step further by giving users the ability to combine key metrics for Content Ads, Media Sources and Post-Click metrics — across varying levels of granularity — all in a single view! Reports can be downloaded immediately or scheduled so you have a copy in your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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Announcing Goals & Conversion Tracking

Like Dad always said, “Conversions Don’t Just Grow on Trees.”

At Zemanta we know it’s critical for marketers to be able to understand the ROI of their content creation and media investment. To help marketers connect the dots between content and conversion we’re launching Goals and Conversion Tracking, a measurement tool to properly track the activity that happens on your website as a result of someone clicking on your Content Ad.

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Native advertising coming of age: programmatic standards emerge

In February, the IAB released the OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads API Specification, which outlines a standardized mechanism for the RTB (Real-Time Bidding) ecosystem to handle Native Ads. Zemanta is a proud contributor to this new standard.

Companies including Adiant, AdsNative, InMobi, MoPub, Sharethrough and Zemanta have previously offered their own custom RTB implementations for native ads, but it’s difficult to scale a market if every provider is speaking their own language.

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Adiant and Zemanta Set New Standard for the Programmatic Native Advertising Industry with Advanced RTB Technology Partnership

Adiant, owner of Adblade the largest content-style native advertising platform on the internet and the Adblade Exchange, and Zemanta, the leading native content demand-side platform (DSP), today announce the launch of their partnership and platform integration. Buying on the Adblade Exchange through the Zemanta DSP, marketers can, for the first time, programmatically bid in real time on billions of monthly content-style native ad impressions across thousands of desktop and mobile websites.

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