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Upcoming Zemanta Webinar: Campaign Types for Content Promotion Success

Despite a huge surge in the adoption of native advertising many media buyers still struggle to turn native into a scalable and predictable channel. Some brand executives still view content and native advertising as “just the latest trend.” Therefore, media buyers need to understand the tactics and marketing objectives that work best for native. At Zemanta we’ve experienced it all — let us help you scale and optimize your native advertising!

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A New Chapter for the Zemanta Editorial Network

We have some big news to share — Sovrn has purchased our Editorial Assistant and Related Post applications! Our founders, Andraz Tori and Bostjan Spetic, would like to share a few thoughts with our community.

When we first started Zemanta in 2007 the idea of a personal writing assistant fascinated us. In 2016 it’s feels even more meaningful. Applications such as Siri, Cortana and Echo are driving human-computer interaction. Technology that can understand human language and help in one way or another are here, and we can safely say that Zemanta was on the forefront of that movement!

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Introducing a New Content Upload Workflow

Today, we are constantly bombarded with new technologies claiming to make our lives easier. This increase has raised the bar for companies across the marketing technology ecosystem. Marketers aren’t just looking for great design. We want sophisticated, user-friendly tools. At Zemanta we believe great software can be easy to use, and at the same time, powerful enough 10x your efficiency and performance. The balance between simplicity and offering a feature-rich solution is what drives us to continuously re-think our product.

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Facebook and Instagram Now Available in the Zemanta dashboard

At Zemanta our mission is to connect marketers with every media network that enables content promotion. Over the past two and a half years we’ve helped marketers design campaigns using native. We tested, partners and integrated with over 25 premium networks and exchanges. This strategy has enabled clients to drive traffic and audience at scale. But native isn’t the only channel marketers use to promote and distribute content. Social is a critical part of almost every media strategy.

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New Paradigms Emerging in Digital Advertising

Although digital marketing has only been around for two decades it’s always shifting. The shifts represent societal tastes and the evolving role of technology in everyday life. As digital marketing moves toward a more tailored approach, new advertising trends are beginning to emerge.

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8 Tips for Creating Clickable Content

Paying for content distribution can help you build an audience and connect with customers you may not have reached before. However, there is more to marketing success than getting your content on the right channels and platforms. In order for native advertising and content marketing to be effective, your content needs to inspire readers to click-through and share it so that it reaches more and more people.

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