Tapping Into Native Inventory from Google’s AdX

Andraz Tor
Oct 18, 2016

Our promise at Zemanta is to give brands access to the entire native landscape to promote and distribute their content. We make a point of evaluating and testing every network, and to date we’ve partnered with over 25 native, content discovery and social networks.  google-zemanta

Today we’d like announce a very special milestone. Zemanta is now directly integrated to the world’s largest ad exchange – Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Google recently expanded their native ad offering and we believe this will be a game changer for the development for the entire native advertising ecosystem.

How does this help you? As mobile devices change the customer’s journey it’s important to reach those audiences in a natural way. Now you have access to additional billions of high-quality mobile US impressions and we only expect this to grow as we integrate with more of Google’s native inventory.

In the past, mobile app experiences have suffered due to poorly integrated banner advertising. With native ads, publishers can maintain a rich experience that’s focused on editorial while still providing brands with meaningful ways to reach new audiences.

We’re thrilled about this partnership and look forward to helping you make the most of your content marketing and digital advertising in this multi-channel, multi-screen world.

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Andraz Tor

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