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Q1 Native Advertising Benchmark Report

If you’re a content marketer, there’s a good chance you’re using paid distribution. But are you paying too much for your audience? Are you using the right networks? These are important questions to consider as you scale content distribution.

You can test a variety of networks and pray for performance as some marketers do. Or you can experiment the right way using our brand new Native Ads Benchmark Report. We’ve put together a comprehensive report detailing network and industry performance across the ecosystem.

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Native Advertising: The Answer to Ad Blocking

An ad blocking application stops advertising from loading on the sites you visit. Due to this software, the advertising industry has lost a projected $22 billion in revenue so far. As fewer people view them, display and banner ads are becoming less effective. According to Marketing Land a typical display ad only gets a 0.17% click-through rate. Because of all this, some marketers are taking a “sky is falling” approach. If this is you, don’t panic — native advertising is your answer.

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Common Misconceptions About Native Advertising

At it’s core native is a type of advertising designed to match the form and function of the platform it appears. Since it’s start, native advertising has evolved over the last few years. Like all digital media trends, native has some misconceptions that have prevented adoption. It’s time to debunk a some of these myths so they don’t prevent you from scaling native as a channel. 

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Using Research in Your Content Marketing

Data shows that 44% of marketers use some form of research as part of their content program. This figure will only continue to rise over 2016. Why? Marketers are finding that original research can be a compelling subject for ongoing programs.

Most companies engage in a research project to prove out a key product feature in their product. If you want your research output to share and talked about, forget this direction. Research projects should answer key questions from your customers. Here are some questions to consider:

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New Agency Management Tools Available in Zemanta

Agencies play a critical role in the digital marketing ecosystem. Their cross-channel planning and campaign management expertise enable brands to reach new audiences and grow their businesses. At Zemanta, our goal is to provide agencies with sophisticated, user-friendly software to scale native advertising across client accounts. To further that goal, we’re thrilled to announce some enhancements to Zemanta that finally place agency teams in the driver’s seat.

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