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What are Dynamic Native Ads in the New OpenRTB 2.4 and Why You Should Care.

At Zemanta we’re excited that today IAB has released the standard for trafficking native ads. We are proud to have helped refine The Dynamic Native Ads API 1.1 along with numerous other industry players. 

The new standard brings order into the chaos of ad formats and form factors that is currently the native advertising. Agreeing on standard lengths of headlines (25, 90, 140 characters) and image sizes will make native ads much more appealing to brand marketers.

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7 Tips for Creating User-Friendly Mobile Content

In 2016 more people are connecting to the Internet from their mobile devices than desktops. With this trend increasing more and more businesses are rushing to create and publish mobile-friendly content. Latest estimates show that there are four mobile devices for every laptop or computer. Also, people always carry their mobile devices with them wherever they are unlike laptops or desktops. The mobile trend has given rise to information snacking where people are consuming content via their mobile phones in their spare time and people want bite-sized information as quickly as possible.

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The Key to Producing Content that Sticks

In the stampede to join the content rush, there’s a danger that the quality slips. So how do you ensure that you are producing valuable content in 2016?

There is no way you have missed the revolution that is content marketing. More fashionable and as ubiquitous as a Leopard Print Onesie – content marketing is the strategy that everyone everywhere is wearing.

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Four Common Misunderstandings About Content Marketing

Sure, you know about content marketing—but do you really know about content marketing? Do you think content marketing is the same as blogging, for example? (It’s not.) Does launching a content marketing strategy seem either too easy or too hard? (It shouldn’t.) The truth is, most companies today are still a little fuzzy on what exactly content marketing means.

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Introducing Infobox

We built the Zemanta platform to serve people at every level of an organization. From CEOs who want to understand the customer journey to content creators eager to learn which articles resonate with their audience

One key user of the Zemanta platform is the campaign manager who oversees the campaign setup, execution and measurement process. Often campaign managers need to track several metrics to make decisions in real-time. With that in mind we’ve created Infobox — the newest addition to Zemanta — to combine all of your critical campaign data and settings into a single, aggregated view.

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