Introducing Infobox

Bostjan Spetic
Mar 1, 2016

We built Zemanta to serve people at every level of an organization. From CEOs who want to understand the customer journey to content creators eager to learn which articles resonate with their audience.

One key user of the Zemanta platform is the campaign manager who oversees the campaign setup, execution and measurement process. Often campaign managers need to track several metrics to make decisions in real-time. With that in mind we’ve created Infobox — the newest addition to Zemanta — to combine all of your critical campaign data and settings into a single, aggregated view.

How it works

As you execute your content marketing campaigns Zemanta captures massive amounts of raw data. Infobox helps you make sense of this data by providing context. For example: With Infobox you can see the projection for how much your campaign will spend that day so you can adjust your daily budgets to ensure you’re pacing to 100% delivery within the campaign flight dates.

Getting Started

Infobox is available at the campaign and ad group level for all customers. Login to Zemanta right now to see how your content marketing campaigns are performing. If you’re new to Zemanta our team would be happy to demo Infobox and the rest of the Zemanta platform. Please get in touch via our form below!

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Bostjan Spetic

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