Updates to scheduled reports

Mitja Godnic
Apr 25, 2017

We recently rebuilt scheduled reports from the ground up. Previous system was limited both in terms of maximum file size and complexity of report. With the changes in place you will be able to generate much more complex reports with practically unlimited amounts of data.

If you are currently using scheduled reports please read through this article to learn about the breaking changes and the timeline of the upcoming migration.

The update to scheduled reports brings the following breaking changes:

  • The email no longer includes the report directly in the attachment. Instead, the URL is provided where you can download the report. The report will be available for download for 3 days.
  • The start date and end date columns will no longer be available in the report file. They are available in the email body and are also part of the file name.
  • Some columns that were always empty will no longer be available (ad submission status and campaign budget).

Your configured scheduled reports will be automatically upgraded to the new format. To make it easier for you to migrate your backend, we will transition to the new scheduled reports in the following timeline:

  • On 3rd of May we will start with the dual phase in which we will send emails out in both formats. For each scheduled report you will receive the old email report and the new email report. During this period you will have time to migrate to new reports.
  • On 24th of May we will end the transition period and only new scheduled reports will be available from then on.

If you have any questions please reach out to our customer success at support@zemanta.com.

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