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Traffic Acquisition & Audience Metrics for Native Campaigns

In today’s results-driven world of digital marketing, campaign metrics such as clicks, impressions and CTR are important to track and evaluate, but ultimately fall short of providing insight into what actually happens after the click is made.

Did the user bounce off your site within a few seconds, or did they consume your blog content for a few minutes, then proceed to sign up for your brand’s weekly newsletter? These sorts of post-click engagement metrics are the types of invaluable insights that marketers seek in order to accurately measure the impact of their paid campaigns.

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Zemanta & Distil Partner to Protect Content Ad Campaigns from Fraud

As a Content DSP, Zemanta brings programmatic to native-content advertising. Since launching our first content marketing solution in 2007, the Zemanta Editorial Network, we have worked diligently to ensure our clients campaigns are free of fraud.  We now bring that same diligence to our first-of-a-kind Content DSP, where we help brands promote their content across virtually the entire paid content ecosystem.

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Marketers Take the Driver’s Seat with Zemanta One

For digital marketers who believe in the power of connecting brands and consumers through content discovery, it can be dizzying to simultaneously manage multiple campaigns across numerous networks and/or platforms. Zemanta’s Content DSP takes the complexity out of managing your content marketing efforts by providing advertisers with access to a consolidated platform of over 25 premium networks and supply sources.

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Rise of Content Ads

Our CEO, Todd Sawicki, presented at the Digiday Summit this spring about the rise of content ads. At Zemanta, we’re firm believers in using content to drive business goals. With the adoption of content marketing across Fortune 500 brands and leading digital agencies, marketers now need a scaleable and effective way to distribute all of their content. Enter content ads.

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