Product updates that will save you time and energy


We have some good news for you. There are a couple of updates to the Zemanta dashboard to help you save time and energy when using the platform. 

Within account settings, you can now add the brand name, that will be placed in all creatives and served with ads where this is required by the publisher. You no longer need to add the brand name on the ad creative level. If you wish to change the brand name for a specific ad, you can still edit the brand name on the ad level and overwrite the account settings. 

There is a new column in the grid on the campaign level, which allows you to quickly change the bid value (CPC or CPM) for each ad group. Within this column, you see your chosen bidding strategy and the bid value, which you can edit on the spot. In short, this column includes the same functionality as the max or target bid field (depending on the bidding strategy) available in the ad group settings (within the bidding and budgets section). You can still use ad group settings for this if you prefer, where you can also change the bidding type and strategy. 

There is another small change in the exported reports – you now see additional three columns: bid (bidding value), bidding strategy, and bidding type.

For your convenience, we have introduced another new column in the grid (on the campaign level) that allows you to easily change the ad group daily budget. Again, you can still go to the ad group settings and make the edits there if you wish. 

The bid and daily budget columns within the grid (like all editable grid elements) can’t be hidden. 

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