Bid on Outbrain’s supply more seamlessly than ever


Over the last years, Zemanta has brought many additional supply sources to its platform from worldwide recognized SSPs, ensuring you scale across native, video, and display channels. 

This is particularly true when it comes to the Outbrain RTB media source. In an effort to give you better clarity on the Outbrain Native and Native to Display supplies you bid on, we’ve decided to merge several media sources under Outbrain RTB. 

Now, MSN Premium Header Bidding, MSN via, Samsung, Outbrain Header Bidding, Outbrain Header Bidding Display, Opera, and OPA Display all sit under the Outbrain RTB media source. This gives you a better scale when bidding on Outbrain and the opportunity to seamlessly expand your Native campaigns on Native to Display inventory.

Let us help you deliver excellent marketing and high ROI time and again.

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