Campaign setup processes are pretty straightforward within the Z1 dashboard once you are going through them daily. Sometimes there can be a lot of repetitive tasks.

We now offer tools within Zemanta One that will make setting up new Accounts, Campaigns, and Ad Groups much faster and easier. Ensure consistency and spend less time managing entities in Z1 with the Default Settings feature.

The Clone option within Z1 is great but every time you clone an item, you need to modify settings, remove parameters or change them later on. This can be counterproductive sometimes.

To avoid that, you can consider using Default Settings. Set up Default Settings on the Agency, Account, and Campaign level and these settings will then be inherited to newly created lower entities. 

This way, you can have important and repetitive information already stored and ready to be reused anytime to avoid errors and do setups faster.

Click here for detailed instructions on the new Default Settings feature.