Bidding Insights – troubleshoot your campaigns


We have rolled out a red carpet for the new product feature: Bidding Insights. 

What are Bidding Insights?

Simply put, consider it as your own ad group troubleshooter! Bidding Insights help you understand what inventory you are potentially missing out on due to your ad group settings. From targeting to frequency, budget, or pacing settings, Bidding Insights help you get the most out of the available bid requests.

How can I benefit from Bidding Insights?

With Bidding Insights, you can superpower your programmatic strategies and get the best results for your campaigns. Benefits include:

  •  Maximizing your win and budget-fill rates,
  •  Monitoring easily all ad group changes and their effects for the last 30 days to even better optimize the ad group settings,
  •  Getting ideas when creating new ad groups.

When to use Bidding Insights?

You can always use Bidding Insights to see if you are missing out on available inventory and to compare your ad group to other ad groups bidding on the same inventory. We especially recommend using this feature when:

  •  You want to troubleshoot your ad group,
  •  You are not maxing out your daily budget,
  •  You wish to fine-tune your ad group.

How to use Bidding Insights?

That’s easy! Just go to a specific ad group, look at the infobox on the top right, click the Bidding Insights et voila!

Learn more about Bidding Insights on our dedicated Help page. 

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