New Agency Management Tools Available in Zemanta

Bostjan Spetic
Jun 1, 2016

Agencies play a critical role in the digital marketing ecosystem. Their cross-channel planning and campaign management expertise enable brands to reach new audiences and grow their businesses. At Zemanta, our goal is to provide agencies with sophisticated, user-friendly software to scale native advertising across client accounts. To further that goal, we’re thrilled to announce some enhancements to Zemanta that finally place agency teams in the driver’s seat.

Agency executives can now create new advertiser accounts and manage platform permissions across their entire organization. We developed a brand new login manager so individual team members can be assigned to the advertisers they support and with platform access specific to their role.

New Agency Management Tools Available in Zemanta One

We’ve also created a simple dashboard for executives to manage their credit limit within the platform and assign budget to individual advertisers. Now managing budgets for advertisers with multiple brands is a breeze!

New Agency Management Tools Available in Zemanta One

Do you ever need a snapshot of all your campaigns? Now you can have that data in seconds. Agency managers have the ability to create customized reports across all advertisers and campaigns their teams manage.

Is your team ready for programmatic native? After working with the world’s leading digital agencies and holding companies, we’ve created a proven system to help agency teams develop and grow their native offerings. It is our mission to provide agency teams with the latest technology, industry research and customized training to help them get ahead for their clients. As our platform continues to evolve we look forward to empowering more agencies with enhanced tools and access to training. Stay tuned for more!

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Bostjan Spetic

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