Introducing Publisher View

Bostjan Spetic
Tuesday, Jan 19

Every day, marketers use Zemanta One to promote their content to millions of people across the web. Each piece of content gives marketers the ability to foster meaningful relationships with their customers and identify insights to apply to their businesses.  Historically Zemanta One has provided campaign reports at the article and network levels to help advertisers understand the impact of their content program. Today, we’re excited to take this one step further with the release of Publisher View, the newest addition to the Zemanta One platform

How it works

While logged into Zemanta One, customers will now see a Publisher tab while viewing reports for each campaign. Publisher View displays all the acquisition metrics for each individual publisher, including the media source, avg. CPC, clicks, impressions and CTR. These metrics are programmatically updated from all enabled media sources, making it easy to uncover actionable insights for campaign optimization.

Taking action

While metrics are useful, the true value comes from being able to use this data to take action. That’s why we’ve added publisher blacklisting to enable even greater control of the campaign management process.

When you blacklist a publisher Zemanta One will stop promoting your content to that publisher’s audience. Blacklisting is a valuable tactic for preserving brand safety, improving efficiency, and ensuring your content is only promoted to your core audience.

Get started

Publisher View is now available for all Zemanta One customers. Reach out to your account manager if you have any questions. If you’re new to Zemanta our team would be happy to demo Publisher View and the rest of the Zemanta One Platform. Please get in touch via the form below!

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Bostjan Spetic

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