Product Releases

We’re always striving to meet our user’s needs, by launching numerous innovative product features and updates shaped by your feedback and our knowledge. Below, we share with you some of our Zemanta platform information, together with helpful resources highlighting our updates and releases to help you superpower your programmatic advertising strategies.

Improved dashboard search functionality

We have rolled out Zemanta’s improved Search functionality. Quickly and precisely find whatever you are looking for by narrowing down your search results based on the level of the search: account,...

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New Media source release: Unruly

We are happy to let you know we have just released a new media source, Unruly and Unruly Display! Unruly enables advertisers to exceed performance and brand awareness goals in CTV, video, and...

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“I am continually impressed with Zemanta as they listen to users’ needs and regularly add intuitive, useful features to the platform. This helps my team save time running effective campaigns that yield results. Zemanta is one of the top performance-oriented programmatic platforms to be highly considered!”

Sankara Narayanan · Operations Manager, KBR Digital NZ