A new addition to our Media Sources is Webeye


We are happy to announce that we have added a new Media Source to our catalog, Webeye! 💥

Webeye is a global mobile advertising platform that gives you access to different mobile apps and websites, across different mobile devices. It offers a potential reach of more than 110 million impressions per day and its inventory is available globally but mostly concentrated in North America (US), South Asia (India), East Asia (Japan, South Korea) and Europe (UK, France, Germany and others). With Zemanta, you can currently reach audiences through Display, Native and Video channels.

Serve your ads with publishers such as Tripledot StudiosPeopleFunPlaysimpleMI and many others.

Learn more about the potential reach and costs for Webeye here.

Let us help you deliver excellent marketing and high ROI time and again.

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