A new addition to our Media Sources is Disqus


We are happy to announce that we have added a new Media Source to our catalog, Disqus!

Disqus is the #1 worldwide audience engagement tool on the web for over 10K+ publishers of all sizes. This partnership allows you to reach the most engaged audiences at scale via an exclusive advertising placement on the commenting widget of these sites. Via Disqus, our advertisers can reach more than 2.5 billion unique impressions per month, with inventory available in over 190+ countries but mostly concentrated in North America (US, Canada). With Zemanta, you can reach audiences through Display and Video channels.

Serve your ads on a unique piece of inventory with publishers such as Bitcoin.com, Wirecutter, ABC News, PC Magazine, Boston Herald, PBS, Rotten Tomatoes, Shopify, Bloomberg, Entertainment Weekly, WorldStar and many others.

Learn more about the potential reach and costs for Disqus in the Zemanta Inventory Planner.

Let us help you deliver excellent marketing and high ROI time and again.

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