Traffic Acquisition & Audience Metrics for Native Campaigns

Bostjan Spetic
Dec 16, 2014

In today’s results-driven world of digital marketing, campaign metrics such as clicks, impressions and CTR are important to track and evaluate, but ultimately fall short of providing insight into what actually happens after the click is made.

Did the user bounce off your site within a few seconds, or did they consume your blog content for a few minutes, then proceed to sign up for your brand’s weekly newsletter? These sorts of post-click engagement metrics are the types of invaluable insights that marketers seek in order to accurately measure the impact of their paid campaigns.

With that in mind, Zemanta is excited to provide marketers with access to not only buy native content ads across a range of networks, but to also aggregate the traffic’s post-click performance metrics within a single, consolidated dashboard.

Graph of campaign spend data and page views per visit data, consolidated in Zemanta's dashboard. Graph of campaign spend data and page views per visit data, consolidated in Zemanta’s dashboard.

With Zemanta’s Content DSP, marketers can go far beyond basic campaign metrics such as clicks, impressions, CTR, CPC, and spend. Marketers can now analyze their traffic’s post-click metrics, which include KPIs such as total visits, page views, new users, bounce rate, average time on site, and even custom conversion goals.

By aggregating data from first party web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics directly into Zemanta’s reporting dashboard, it’s now easier than ever to compare the click and post-click data sets of traffic driven via Zemanta. Once paid promotion begins, you’ll be able to specify which post-click audience metrics you’d like to monitor within Zemanta’s reporting dashboard:

As your campaign progresses, and more data begins to populate, marketers and advertisers will be well-equipped to analyze traffic performance and better determine ROI.

We’ll be gradually rolling out this functionality to select users over the course of this month. Please contact your account manager for more details.  We look forward to your feedback, and look forward to promoting your brand’s quality content across Zemanta’s Content DSP.

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