Target private marketplaces with Deal IDs

Jerneja Lovenjak
Dec 5, 2019
Target private marketplaces with Deal IDs

At Zemanta, we pride ourselves on transparency and the ability to provide our clients with tools that help them reach and target inventory that is most relevant to their campaigns.

That is why we are happy to announce that we recently released a set of tools that allow advertisers to purchase inventory based on deals that they negotiated directly with publishers or networks.

This new feature allows you to implement a Deal ID to all available media sources or publishers on every level of the dashboard, giving you the ability to refine campaign targeting even more.

What are private marketplaces?

Private marketplaces represent a system that limits the sale of ads to only pre-selected buyers, turning them into invitation-only marketplaces. This gives advertisers a much greater transparency into what type of supply they are buying, and provides publishers with more control over their inventory.

How are private marketplaces accessed?

Private marketplaces are represented by a Deal ID (deal identifier), which is a unique string of characters that is generated by the publisher’s supply side platform. Advertisers agree to trade impressions with a certain publisher or an SSP using a predetermined criteria. The criteria can vary greatly, from the type of ad units, publisher section, price parameters or 3rd party audience segments.

Once the criteria is agreed upon, the publisher creates the Deal ID and passes it along to the advertiser. The advertiser then inserts that ID into their DSP.

How does Deal ID implementation work?

We’ve made it really easy for our advertisers to purchase inventory based on the deals that they’ve negotiated. You can create and apply a deal two different ways: directly in the desired level’s settings tab or in the deal library, a new section of the dashboard that gives you a clear overview of all deals created on your account.

For a more detailed overview of the feature, we’ve created a help article outlining all the details.

As always, let us know what you think. Deal?

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