Buying Conversions Instead of Clicks Is Beneficial For Your Business

Luka Tezak
Sep 26, 2022

Do you spend a lot time building engaging creatives and planning sophisticated audience targeting strategies and still not getting the desired results? In many cases, even if you have the best content and targeting it may not be sufficient to meet or exceed your goals. However, with the implementation of new automatic bidding strategies, you can hit your KPIs every time.


Buy conversions instead of clicks to grow your business

As a digital marketer, you care about several KPIs. The most popular are Cost per Impression, Cost per Click, Cost per Conversion, Cost per Lead, Cost per Action, and Cost per Acquisition.

Although Cost per Click is important, the ultimate goal of the ad is a sale or generating a lead, making Cost per Conversion or Cost per Action the more important success metrics. If you are just driving traffic to your website and landing pages but you are not converting any of those visitors, the traffic is irrelevant. So, buying conversions instead of mere clicks, focusing on sales-driven goals and being able to account for each dollar spent – this is what counts and grows your business. Plus, it looks so great when you report on your MROI!


Bidding strategies in Zemanta

If you are a Zemanta user, you might already be using Bid strategies such as Optimal bid or Target bid.

Manual bidding strategies

Target bidding or now called Manual bidding is for users that require more control. The manual strategies are for specific use cases and require significantly more input from your side to achieve the desired results. When you choose a CPC strategy the system will bid at the target Cost per Click. When you select CPM (Cost per Mille) strategy, Zemanta bids at the fixed Cost per Impression. Both modes will require constant attention and adjustments from you, the user.

Automatic bidding strategies

With Optimal bidding strategies, which we recommend and are now called Automatic bidding, you can sit and relax while Zemanta buys ads for you by optimizing towards either CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per Mille). Zemanta’s automated and advanced AI and machine learning algorithm automatically calculates the optimal price for each click or impression in order to achieve your desired goals. We have renamed these options into Maximize clicks and Maximize impressions.

To help you go fully automatic and increase your Return on ad spend, we have also added a new bidding strategy option – the optimization towards conversions, which was a missing piece that now completes Zemanta’s automatic bidding offering. We call it Maximize conversions. You can now choose between three automatic bidding strategies:

  • Maximize conversions: The system minimizes your CPAs (Cost per Action) to bring as many conversions as possible while spending your entire budget.
  • Maximize clicks: The system minimizes your CPCs (Cost per Click) to bring as many clicks as possible.
  • Maximize impressions: The system minimizes your CPMs (Cost per Mille) to bring as many impressions as possible. 


Introducing Maximum conversions bid strategy

To better understand Maximum conversions bid strategy, we first have to explain what is Automatic bidding

As a media planner or digital marketer, you have a lot on your plate. In recent years, different ad tech solutions have been working on automatizing and streamlining their processes, allowing you to downsize on routine daily tasks or, in some cases, completely eliminate them, freeing up a large portion of your time. This is where Zemanta shines. Our Automatic bidding is a form of automation that helps you increase revenues and maximizes efficiency while saving you time as it requires less effort than non-automatic strategies. 

Automatic bidding is not only a fantastic way to save time; it also allows you to take advantage of Zemanta’s proprietary algorithms and machine learning to optimize campaigns, taking the heavy lifting and guesswork out of setting bids to meet your performance goals.

Maximum conversions, in the simplest terms, automatically and autonomously optimizes and adjusts the bidding strategy towards maximum conversions and minimizes your Cost per action to help you hit your goals in the most optimal way. It enables you to spend your budget optimally while maximizing conversions, all the while decreasing the input needed by you, the trader. 

Maximize conversions algorithm uses large number of parameters which collectively influence the decision of the bidder. Such hidden signals will bring substantial added value to your campaigns as they help to decipher user interest as well as intent. Our algorithm will take these signals and automatically incorporate them into the bidding process.

The journey from optimization to automation

We understand that relying solely on Zemanta automation may be daunting for some advertisers. However, our reliable and advanced algorithms are designed to increase performance and results with far less manual effort. Turn on automation and let Zemanta help you achieve and beat your goals. Give it a try, it works!


Zemanta automation should be the next step in your advertising journey, helping you manage your campaigns automatically, which drastically reduces your manual input and workload while achieving amazing results!

For more information on how to superpower your programmatic campaigns using automation, please read our help page or contact our Customer Support representative who will help you with all your questions.

Make the shift from optimization to automation today, and see what it can do for you!

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