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Bostjan Spetic
Oct 9, 2014

For digital marketers who believe in the power of connecting brands and consumers through content discovery, it can be dizzying to simultaneously manage multiple campaigns across numerous networks and/or platforms. Zemanta’s Content DSP takes the complexity out of managing your content marketing efforts by providing advertisers with access to a consolidated platform of over 25 premium networks and supply sources.

In an effort to provide advertisers with enhanced control of their campaigns, we’re excited to announce that advertisers leveraging Zemanta’s DSP now have the ability to set campaign guidelines including flight dates, maximum daily spend caps and CPC bids, as well as the target device and/or geographic, directly in the campaign dashboard’s Settings tab:


For example, if you’re pleased with campaign performance and would like to raise the total daily spend from $75 to $100, and want to ensure that the maximum CPC to remain at or below $0.30, simply input those amounts in their respective settings field and click Save.

Once a campaign settings update has been submitted, the following message will appear, confirming that the changes are being synced:


Please note that campaign updates will be propagated across Zemanta’s DSP within a few business hours, and any updates submitted during the weekend or a holiday may not be fully processed until the following business day.

It’s also important to note that as part of our campaign optimization process, one of our primary goals is to help marketers drive engaging traffic at scale, at the lowest possible CPC. Because each network is different, the average CPC will likely vary between networks. Therefore, we treat a campaign’s maximum CPC bid as the maximum average CPC across all enabled networks and supply sources.

In addition to the Settings tab, we’ve also enhanced our reporting dashboard functionality to deliver a more holistic view of campaign activity. If you’re running multiple campaigns simultaneously, you can now track and compare progress in a single dashboard:


As Zemanta’s Content DSP continues to evolve, we look forward to empowering advertisers with increased control of their campaign’s execution, with enhanced tools and greater access to premium inventory. Stay tuned for more product updates and announcements!

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