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Macif Drives 46%
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Cabify Increases App Downloads by 50% with Zemanta

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Zemanta reaches
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Great Customer Success and Growth Teams Make Happy Clients

Happy employees make happy clients! Zemanta is unique for many reasons. We take great pride in our product, our history, and our company’s culture. ​​ As we like to say: “We had a vision. We built it.” This statement goes beyond the innovative product we have. As the...

Programmatic lessons from the first real-life event in a long time

Learnings from Ashton’s Programmatic Summits in Melbourne and Sydney I walked into the room filled with hundreds of industry professionals, nervous and excited to be attending a live, in-person event after 2 years of restrictions. Ashton’s Programmatic Summits did not...

What Advertisers Need To Know about App Tracking Transparency

What was old is new again? Contextual as a response to App Tracking Transparency With online users increasingly concerned about their privacy, and governments following the public debate, consumer technology is rationally shifting towards a less user-tracked future....