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Outbrain (Zemanta)

Outperforms Social for Peugeot’s Lead Generation Campaign 




Lead Generation



Allure, emotion, and excellence are the values that embody Peugeot. Present in almost 160 countries with more than 10,000 points of contact, the French brand provides a complete mobility offering. 


A long-standing partner of Outbrain, Peugeot sought an outcome-based programmatic solution to help drive effective lead acquisition outside the bounds of traditional buying channels like, paid social. Together with its agency, Publicis, Peugeot therefore leveraged Outbrain’s demand-side platform, Zemanta, to maximize its performance goal.


With the industry bracing for a cookieless future, Outbrain’s unique background in semantic analysis, and bespoke predictive automated bidding technology, allowed Peugeot to connect with audiences most likely to generate conversions via the Zemanta platform:

  • The brand leveraged Zemanta’s cookie-free data connection tool to connect its Google Analytics account directly with the dashboard, thus providing real-time access to its traffic data and informing the algorithm with valuable engagement insights to make it easier achieving brand performance goals.

  • The integration of the Zemanta pixel and the activation of AI-powered Bid Strategy enabled the campaign to focus on the best-performing placements and prioritize the lead objective defined by Peugeot: the vehicle trade-in.


Outbrain’s Zemanta platform enabled the campaign to meet its CPL target, while maintaining a competitive CPV. Over the month of March, Outbrain outperformed social platforms for Peugeot’s lead generation campaign:


    CPL Vs. Social

    CPV Vs. Social

    “This campaign proves that programmatic is not limited to awareness objectives. Outbrain’s Zemanta is proving to be a relevant low-funnel lever, just like paid social and search channels. The monitoring and availability of the team, as well as the transparency of data in real time, allowed us to readjust our budgets during the campaign to boost our performance results.”

    – Mathieu Borrelly, Trading Manager, Publicis

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