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How our client in the coffee industry lowered CPA by 30% with Google Analytics

“pixel-free” integration


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The client discussed in this case study offers machines that brew coffee from capsules, a type of preapportioned single-use container of ground beans, sometimes with added flavorings. Our client positions themselves as a premium coffee provider and enables a subscription-based business model for customers to receive monthly capsules and a coffee machine to use. The company partnered with Zemanta, the world’s first DSP specifically built for engagement and performance. By leveraging the Zemanta platform, they were able to reach their conversion goal easily and even go below the set CPA by powering their campaign with the Google Analytics (GA) integration as a pixel-free solution. Zemanta seamlessly pulled metrics from the existing GA conversion tracking and optimized campaigns towards best-performing audiences.


The main performance-driven appeal for our client was Zemanta’s integrated email reporting from GA. Connecting both platforms without implementing additional pixels allowed them to optimize the campaign towards better-performing engagement according to site-centric GA data (CPV, time spent, bounce rate, conversions, etc.). GA data was ingested within the Zemanta platform and used for better optimization and reporting. The campaign ran for 3 months. By tracking performance in a simple way, our client saved precious time and was provided multiple possibilities for optimization:

  • Optimal bid: Zemanta dynamically fine-tuned the bid CPC to find the sweet spot between cost and performance.
  • Autopilot: Zemanta algorithm had fed on data during campaign flight to win impressions that mattered the most.
  • Bid modifier: Zemanta pushed forward the most performing publishers.

Our client set a simple 1-step conversion goal for their campaign. Ads served through Zemanta drove customers to the landing page where they subscribed to a monthly coffee delivery subscription and coffee machine acquisition.


Zemanta‘s ability to reach ready-to-engage audiences, based on GA-provided engagement data, in addition to automation and application of the right targeting options, skyrocketed the campaign that exceeded its objectives.


    lower CPA than initial goal

    more time spent on site

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