Native Advertising Formats

Zemanta eliminates the siloed, network direct media buying experience. Our software enables integrated execution and workflow automation across RTB and programmatic channels — including native, social, mobile and content discovery channels.

Diversity in ad formats presents a challenge and opportunity for marketers

At Zemanta we help marketers design campaigns leveraging 35+ networks and exchanges. This strategy allows your content to reach the widest audience possible and lets you quickly optimize campaigns to take advantage of performance and price changes.

Selecting the right native ad formats to use in your campaigns can be a challenge to say the least. With so many variables at play, including page location, creative size and your own business objectives, it’s hard to know where to start. After working with hundreds of marketers our team has found that the best approach is to simply promote your content across ALL formats. Why rule out options until you’ve had the opportunity to test and gather data?

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Content Discovery networks such as Outbrain recommend your content on premium publishers across desktop and mobile web. As audiences consume publisher editorial your content is recommended as related articles and links.


Place your content directly in the publisher’s content well. In-feed formats align with the look and feel of publisher editorial content.


Social media platforms provide an ideal medium to reach engaged audiences. Promote your content seamlessly across desktop and mobile news feed placements. Zemanta supports Facebook and Instagram advertising.


We all know that mobile is the fastest growing digital ad format. Every day millions of consumers turn to their mobile devices to engage with content. Reach your audience across the mobile web and in-app as they read articles, play games and chat with friends.

Content Promotion Across Channels

  • Maximize ROAS by reallocating media budgets across channels in real time to capitalize on changes in demand and performance throughout the day.
  • Retarget your Facebook audience across thousands of premium publishers on desktop, mobile and in-app environments.
  • Efficiently acquire new audiences across the web and retarget them in Facebook and Instagram.
  • Attract the highest-value customers and grow lifetime value through precise targeting and content insights.