Outbrain Full Stack
Summer School

8. – 12. JULY 2024

Modern full stack development for data-driven applications

Outbrain is organizing a full stack summer school where you will learn all areas of backend and frontend development and build a robust system from scratch. We will go through the process of planning the architecture of the system and setting up the development environment, followed by creating a service and running it locally. We will then connect the service to a NoSQL database and an external API, add logging and instrument the application with useful metrics. You will choose what functionality your application will have and implement the necessary business logic. You will write the backend part in Java with the help of the Spring Boot framework, which helps you quickly bootstrap production ready applications.
After that, we will move to the frontend part, where you will use Angular to implement the user interface. At the end you will learn how to build and dockerize your application and how to deploy it to a public cloud. The summer school will consist of many useful talks given by our expert engineers, each of which will be followed by a hands-on workshop, where you will put the new knowledge in practice. It’s a great opportunity if you want a better understanding of what it means to be a full stack engineer and how we do it in the industry

The whole event will happen on site in our new offices on Dunajska and will be completely FREE of charge (including lunch, coffee, snacks and all activities). But we do expect your full commitment during the one week of the summer school – remember: if you apply, get accepted and don’t show up, you are taking away a seat from someone else who really wanted to attend!

Who will benefit most from attending the Full Stack Summer School?

Eager individuals who know how to write code (most of the summer school is very hands-on), and have some knowledge on databases and software development in general. For example:


  • Final year undergraduate; masters or PhD students at Computer Science or related university programmes
  • Recent graduates from Computer Science or related university courses
  • Professionals in Computer Science jobs who want to learn more about backend  and frontend development and working on data-intensive applications

How much programming / software development experience do you need?

You will learn a lot about full stack development and what it covers during the summer school but it is preferable that you know at least the basics about databases and REST APIs. Good rule of thumb is that if you ever wrote an application with a simple backend and frontend, if you did any studies at a computer science university programme or work as a software engineer, then you’re good.

What is the plan?

A week of interesting and relevant talks on different backend and frontend development topics given by our highly skilled engineers, followed by hands-on workshops where you will implement the presented concepts and end up with a functional application running in production. All this will be accompanied by fun activities and good food.
9:30-10:00 – Coffee & Chat – Introduction games?
10:00-10:45 – Talk: What we do
10:45-11:30 – Talk: Intro to fullstack development and Summer school
11:30-12:00 – Dev environment setup + adding to Slack
12:00-13:00 – Lunch
13:00-14:00 – Talk: Java & Spring Boot
14:00-15:30 – Workshop: Setting up and running a first service
15:30-17:00 – Talk & Workshop: Version control (git)
17:00 -> Fun activity
9:30-10:00 – Coffee & Chat
10:00-10:45 – Talk: Databases
10:45-12:00 – Workshop: Spring Data Elasticsearch
12:00-13:00 – Lunch
13:00-14:30 – Workshop: Picking an external API and brainstorming ideas
14:30-15:00 – Talk: REST clients
15:00-17:00 – Workshop: Writing a client and fetching data
17:00 -> Optional board game night
9:30-9:45 – Coffee & Chat
9:45-12:00 – Working on projects
12:00-13:00- Lunch
13:00-14:00 – Talk: Visibility (metrics + logs)
14:00-15:15 – Workshop: Adding and exposing metrics and logs
15:15-15:45 – Talk: Building and dockerizing your application
15:45-17:00 – Workshop: Dockerizing the application and running it locally
17:00 -> Fun activity
9:30-9:45 – Coffee & Chat
9:45-10:15 – Talk: modern frontend development
10:15-12:00 – Workshop: Setting up and running a first SPA in Angular
12:00-13:00 – Lunch
13:00-13:30 – Talk: state management in SPA
13:30-17:00 – Working on frontend projects
17:00 -> Optional board game night
9:30-9:45 – Coffee & Chat
9:45-10:45 – Talk: Deployment pipelines, CI/CD
10:45-12:00 – Workshop: Deploying to Azure
12:00-13:00 – Lunch
13:00-14:30 – Finalizing projects, preparing for presentation
14:30-15-30 – Showcasing final products and sharing knowledge
15:30-16:00 – Graduation ceremony
16:00 -> Drinks

Why learn from us?

At Outbrain, we’re building the most advanced native advertising platform in the world.

  • Here’s what our world-class backend teams are working with:
  • Handling over 3 million requests per second
  • 3 in-house data centers and 2 leased data centers
  • More than 500 microservices running in more than 10k pods
  • More than 500k internal API calls per second
  • Petabytes of data
  • Sharing knowledge externally (talks at conferences, meet-ups, hackathons, other events)
  • A part of a world-class software engineering and data science organization distributed across Zemanta and Outbrain

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Do you wish to apply to Full Stack Summer School

It’s a great opportunity if you want a better understanding of what it means to be a full stack engineer and how we do it in the industry

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