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Native is our roots. Attention and engagement is our expertise. Zemanta takes the native programmatic model and applies it to every other channel – Display and Video – enabling advertisers to buy engagement beyond just impressions.

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Zemanta One – our self-serve programmatic advertising management platform – empowers brands and agencies to buy advertising that is optimized for post-click engagement, making the most of every advertising dollar spent across display, video and native placements on the web.

Our advanced AI and automation features accurately predict your CTR to minimize CPC, enabling you to acquire traffic in the most cost-effective way possible.


Avg. CTR

$ 0.14

Avg. CPC

$ 0.49

Avg. CPM

50 billion

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Reach. Engage. Convert.



Leverage the power of Native Advertising with a targeted, non-interruptive and highly engaging ad experience across more than 50 native ad exchanges.


Add a performance layer to your Display strategy by going beyond reach and frequency. Get your Display ads in front of engaged customers ready to take action.


Maximize awareness and strengthen your brand identity by reaching attentive and qualified customers with eye-catching and immersive Video ads.

Access the World’s Most Premium Publishers & SSPs

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With direct access to 50+ native, video and display networks across all devices, Zemanta offers unparalleled scale on the world’s most premium publishers and SSPs.

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