All-in-One Content Promotion Software

Plan, buy and optimize all your content discovery, social and mobile campaigns in one place. 


Connecting marketers & customers with content

Zemanta One is the only cross-channel media buying platform specifically designed for the promotion and distribution of marketing content.

We combine powerful audience insights plus transparent campaign analytics to help you gain a deeper understanding for the content that resonates with your customers.

Our platform is the go-to choice for brands, digital agencies and programmatic teams to maximize the return on their content creation and media investment.


Relax while AI does the job


Zemanta One is powered by cutting-edge AI technology to help you manage the media buying and optimization process. Whether you need to reduce bounce rates, acquire traffic at specific CPCs or nail that CPA goal, ZemantaOne can execute your content marketing strategy while you sit back, relax and receive daily performance reports.


Your customers live across channels and devices. Your content marketing should too.


Zemanta One is the only platform to access 100% programmatic native supply, including content discovery, social and mobile networks. Whether it's desktop web, mobile web or in-app, reach your audience wherever they consume content.

The partnership with Zemanta has become an essential component of our Marketing strategy.
— Jason Naidu, Inbound Marketing Manager | BuildDirect
Zemanta has been an excellent partner that has allowed us to not just bring in an audience at scale, but actually move the needle on our clients’ business goals. We have continued to bring client after client onto their platform as they have continued to hit goals across a wide range of categories. I absolutely see them as an essential partner going forward in any of our content marketing efforts.
— Alec Painter, Associate Director, Content Marketing | Empower MediaMarketing

The Ultimate Native Toolbox

Zemanta One is a sophisticated, user-friendly platform to help you manage all content promotion and distribution.