Native Video Advertising

Experience the difference the native video brings: relevant audience, at scale, engaged.

More about Zemanta features

Display Native
Video duration 15s and 30s Unlimited
Video ad placement Instream Outstream, Infeed
User interaction Autoplay Click-to-play / Autoplay

Native advertising allows publishers to better tailor the look and feel of the ads to their site or app. This creates a superior user experience which results in higher ad engagement.

Native video allows for much longer video formats that were previously not possible. Advertisers can now capitalize on existing long form brand video assets, that previously couldn’t be shown using advertising units.

Click-to-play native video formats enable advertisers to display the video only to users who have expressed interest in the product. This yields a much higher engagement rates than what was possible in display video advertising.

Zemanta has been an excellent partner that has allowed us to not just bring in an audience at scale, but actually move the needle on our clients’ business goals. We have continued to bring client after client onto their platform as they have continued to hit goals across a wide range of categories. I absolutely see them as an essential partner going forward in any of our content marketing efforts.
Alec Painter Associate Director, Content Marketing, Empower Media Marketing

Video optimization

Define your video goal and have Zemanta bid optimization system find the best inventory. Supported goals include CPV, CPCV and % of video watched.
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Advanced video inventory buying

Auto-play or click-to-play? Outstream or in-feed? It’s your call. Buy video inventory that suits your campaign objective best.
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Powerful reports

Breakdown on video specific inventory attributes and understand what drives performance. Have your reports delivered to your inbox.
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VAST support

Want to measure video statistics with your own ad server? No problem! Hand us over your video VAST tags and we’ll make sure your statistics fly to you in real-time.

Case studies

Global Automotive Manufacturer

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Multinational Beverage Corporation

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Multi-Billion Dollar Specialty Retailer for the Home

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