Native Mobile App Install Advertising

Forget botnet riddled ad networks and ad fraud. Unlock the potential of transparent native mobile DSP.

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Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection

Zemanta’s proprietary technology is combined with a partnership with Distil Networks to protect marketers from fraudulent inventory.

CPA & ROAS optimization

CPI & post-install optimization

Installs don’t matter if that’s all they are. That’s why Zemanta optimization algorithms don’t only focus on CPI but also optimize for post-install engagement metrics.

maximal results.

Target your apps to devices that matter the most and optimize on CPI. See why hundreds of agencies choose Zemanta as their #1 mobile native supplier.

Device targeting

Target mobile or tablet devices. Limit your traffic based on operating system and OS version and filter for in-app or web traffic.
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Automatic creatives

You give us app id and we do the hard work of generating the creatives for you. It’s seamless and automatic.
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Location targeting

Find the right audience for your app using hyper-local targeting. Zemanta enables you to target countries, cities, ZIP codes and DMA regions. Use exclusion lists to carve out specific areas of interest.
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Multi-Channel Access

Get direct access to 35+ social, native, mobile and discovery networks Zemanta has unparalleled reach and scale.

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Real-time insights

Real-time analytics let you identify and act on top-performing ads, networks and publishers.
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MMPs support

Zemanta can work hand-in-hand with third party tracking and verification technologies. Integrate seamlessly with mobile measurement partners like Adjust, Kochava, Tune and others.
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Audience targeting

Target based on audience segments available from our DMP partners like BlueKai, Liveramp and Lotame and others. Create custom audiences from your first party data and use them to target your campaigns.
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Case studies

Global Automotive Manufacturer

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Multinational Beverage Corporation

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Multi-Billion Dollar Specialty Retailer for the Home

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